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Ultra Soft Face Pad Idea Toscana

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Exfoliating Face Scrub Pad Idea Toscana

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Moisturizing Face Cream Prima Spremitura Bio 60ml

Ultra Soft Face Pad Idea Toscana

with Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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An ultra soft, gentle pad with the emollient properties of extra virgin olive oil. Excellent for a daily cleansing of dry, dehydrated and/or sensitive skins. The olive oil inside the pad makes it easy to gently remove all skin impurities originating from smoke and smog as well as to remove make-up, even the most persistent kind. If preserved properly, the Pad Face Olive Oil will give you a smooth and hydrated skin for several washes, surprising you with its long duration.

Even for professional use.

More Information

More Information

How to use: the Ultra Soft Face Pad is used as a normal sponge for the facial cleansing. Moisten and apply the desired amount of the Traditional Marsiglia Soap Idea Toscana or the Liquid Soap Prima Spremitura and swipe it gently across the face using circular or semicircular motions starting from the lower part of the face and moving upward and then rinse. Alternatively, the Sponge can be used for an application without the need for rinsing with the Micellar Water Prima Spremitura Bio or the Micellar Water Rose Prima Fioritura. For a greater "light effect" instead, it is possible to rinse. To prolong its duration, carefully rinse the Sponge after the use and store it in order to enable the perfect drying.

Size: 8,5cm x 10cm x 1 cm

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