How we work

How we work

For You, the Better Quality

The other cosmetic companies, our "competitors" use various types of vegetable oils and among them also the one of olive. The selected and used oils are often refined, manipulated products modified on a chemical-physical level in order to improve scent, transparency, stability.

In this way some of the properties of the native oils get often lost, by refining and purification, the vegetable oils can be depauperated of functional and beneficent components for the skin.

The formulations of the Prima Spremitura line respect the Production Regulation imposed by the Consortium for the protection of the Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil: the selected natural raw material, Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil, isn't modified in no way.

qualità garantita

It is used in the same manner as it arrives from the oil-press after the correct control and certification, added cold and raw on the formulations directly from the original packing (5 litre tin cans) at the end of the production process after having cooled down to room temperature the prepared formulations, just how it is required by the Regulation.

Applying this procedure, all the benefits of this precious active ingredient are transmitted on the skin in order to enrich, to moisten and to nourish it, creating natural beauty products.

The dosage of the Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil is calibrated according to the typology and the functionality of the cosmetic formulation in order to not leave any residuum of greasiness,

considering especially that the used oil is a native oil, extremely rich with precious active ingredients for the skin compared to other vegetable oils used in cosmetic products.

For this reason the dosages of the oil in the cosmetic formulations don't necessarily have to be high: the used raw material is in fact of high quality and functional efficacy.

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