Mini Pet con Maschere Viso

Small Pet with Face Masks Idea Toscana

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Melting Body Hands and Face Butter Prima Spremitura

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Face, Neck and Décolleté Butter Prima Fioritura

Small Pet with Face Masks Idea Toscana

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The perfect package for a princess skin. Pamper yourself with these masks and use it with the Balancing skin toner, for an illuminated, purified and hydrated skin.

More Information

More Information

Instructions Face Mask:

1. Carefully remove the plastic of the mask "tablet"

2. Put 15ml of Balancing Skin Toner or Micellar Water Prima Spremitura Bio in the measuring cup

3. Add the compressed mask

4. Turn the mask in the measuring cup to the other side

5. Pour the mask together with the remaining Skin Toner/Micellar Water in a bowl and make sure that all liquid is well absorbed

6. Unfold the mask carefully and apply it to the face for a maximum of 3/5 minutes.

Small pet jar with 10 face masks Measurements: ø 5 cm, h. 4,5 cm


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