Idea Regalo Cofanetto Marsiglia - Idea Toscana

Idea Regalo Gift Set Marsiglia - Idea Toscana

Idea Regalo Cosmetici naturali - Idea Toscana

Gift idea natural cosmetics - Idea Toscana

Eco Bag Pensiero - Idea Toscana Prima Spremitura

Small Eco Gift Bag - Idea Toscana

Idea Regalo Gift Set Marsiglia - Idea Toscana

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Our Christmas gift idea is especially created to satisfy friends and family and so that you can make a good impression when you have to give a small gift that looks beautiful, but above all, which is good to use.

Ours is an elegant and a different solution to give completely natural soaps and leansing products to the people you love.

3 Traditional Marsiglia Soap with Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil packed in an elegant FOOD JAR PET which can be reused, once washed, even in the kitchen. It’s a valid idea throughout the year created for the natural well-being of the family, friends and relatives.

Maggiori Informazioni

Maggiori Informazioni

The gift set is composed of:

  • Traditional Marsiglia Soap Prima Spremitura 30g
  • FOOD JAR PET h 7 Ø 7 cm

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