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Scented Blend of Natural Essential Oils - OLIVE

 Ricarica Profumo Ambiente Idea Toscana 250ml. Diffusore ambiente liquido con oli essenziali naturali

Refill for room diffusers OLIVE 250ml - Idea Toscana

Diffusore Ambiente OLIVO  100ml  - Idea Toscana

Room diffuser OLIVE 100ml - Idea Toscana

Scented Blend of Natural Essential Oils - OLIVE

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Perfumed Idea Toscana’s OLIVE Blend of Natural Essential Oils

Blend of Essential Oils to perfume the rooms. Idea Toscana's blend of OLIVE Natural essential oils is dosed according to the most refined aromatherapy techniques, with its typical scents it evokes the aromas of the Tuscan lands, making the environment vital and harmonious. The precious blend of Essential Oils creates a warm atmosphere of physical and emotional well-being, giving unique sensations.

Olfactory notes: Fresh notes are associated with the herbaceous and lively scent of rosemary and mint, recalling the memory of autumn walks in the Tuscan lands. Aromatic tones of thyme and lavender combined with the warm and tenacious personality of cinnamon, are giving this fragrance a unique, balsamic, fresh and at the same time spicy character.

Area: sleeping area, living room, relaxation area, or in any environment to combat stress. Atmosphere: relaxing, intoxicating and meditative. The Olive blend is a perfect anti-stress and helps fight anxious states

Content: 10 ml

More Information

More Information

There are various alternatives on how to use the OLIVE blend of Essential Oils:

  • In essence burners or essential oil burners: 2 to 10 drops are used for 3 tablespoons of water to be heated with candles, the heat produced by the flame heats the essential oil releasing the scent of Tuscan nature in the air.
  • The electric room diffusers: they allow a greater diffusion of the Idea Toscana's OLIVE essential oils above all if the spaces are wide or if there is a need to eliminate bad smells like smoke, domestic animals and kitchen odors.
  • Thermosiphon humidifiers: the radiators are the most immediate and economical way to perfume the rooms during the coldest season. You can add some drops of the Tuscan OLIVE Essential Oil Blend directly into the humidifiers or radiator water bowls, this simple method spreads a unique, balsamic and fresh fragrance into the rooms.
  • Linen perfume: We can put a few drops of the Olive Blend of essential oils on the cards and then place them inside the wardrobe. In this way you can keep your linen freshly scented.
  • Pot-pourri: We recommend the use of the Idea Toscana’s OLIVE Blend of Essential Oils also to renew the Pot-Pourri.

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