Ricarica PROFUMO AMBIENTE 250 ml ROSA Idea Toscana con Preziosa Miscela di Oli Essenziali

Refills for room diffusers ROSE 250ml- Idea Toscana

Miscela di Oli Essenziali AGRUMI - Idea Toscana

Scented Blend of Essential Oils - CITRUS FRUITS

PROFUMO AMBIENTE 100 ml ROSA Idea Toscana con Preziosa Miscela di Oli Essenziali

Room diffusers ROSE 100ml - Idea Toscana

Refills for room diffusers ROSE 250ml- Idea Toscana

con Preziosa Miscela di Oli Essenziali

The refill bottle of the ROSE room fragrance allows you to fill the elegant glass diffuser of Idea Toscana once the original content is finished and to give your room a natural scent.

Olfactory Notes: characterized by a meeting of floral and fresh notes of Turkish rose, geranium leaves and very light fruity melon accents. In the heart of the composition emerges the sweetness of chamomile and hyacinth flowers, intensified by a scent of wildflower honey and delicate spicy traces of cinnamon.

Area: The Idea Toscana's refill bottle of the ROSE room fragrance is ideal for welcoming and relaxing, so we recommend placing the diffuser in the sleeping areas, living rooms, children's rooms and entrance.

The Idea Toscana refill bottles of the room air freshener are the ideal choice for those who already own a favorite design diffuser or packaging in their home, office or shop. In addition, the purchase of an Idea Toscana's refill bottle of the room fragrance has to be considered an ecological choice because it is completely made of recycled PET.

Atmosphere: From the Idea Toscana’s room air fresheners, the fragrance is released gradually, filling the space with romantic and elegant olfactory notes and pleasant sensations, eliminating any unpleasant odors such as smoke, dogs or other domestic animals

Content: 250 ml

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CAN THE PERFUME INTENSITY BE ADJUSTED? You can adjust the intensity of the fragrance by turning all or some of the sticks provided, one or more times a day: turning them all and often, you will get a more intense fragrance.

HOW MUCH FRAGRANCE LASTS? The duration of a fragrance depends on the size of the environment in which it is located, temperature, direct sunlight and air currents that can accelerate evaporation.

Follow these steps to make it last longer:

  • Upon purchase of the diffuser, it immediately combines a refill of the same fragrance to be used in small quantities, but more frequently. In this way you can keep the liquid level always high, avoiding that the quantity of oxygen in the bottle speeds up evaporation too much.
  • Place the fragrance as far away as possible from sources of heat and drafts.
  • Choose the bottle size most proportionate to the area you wish to perfume.

    More Information

    More Information

    Puoi regolare l’intensità della fragranza girando tutti o solo alcuni dei bastoncini forniti, una o più volte al giorno: girandoli tutti e spesso, otterrai una fragranza più intensa.

    La durata di una fragranza dipende dalle dimensioni dell’ambiente in cui si trova, dalla temperatura, dalla luce diretta del sole e dalle correnti d’aria che possono accelerare l’evaporazione.
    Segui questi accorgimenti per farla durare più a lungo:
    - All’acquisto del diffusore abbina subito una ricarica della stessa fragranza da utilizzare in piccole quantità, ma con maggiore frequenza. In questo modo puoi mantenere il livello del liquido sempre alto, evitando che la quantità di ossigeno nella bottiglia velocizzi troppo l'evaporazione.
    - Posiziona la fragranza il più lontano possibile da fonti di calore e correnti d'aria.
    - Scegli la dimensione di bottiglia più proporzionata all’area che desideri profumare.

    Per una buona diffusione della fragranza si consiglia:

    • per ambienti da 5 a 10 mq 1 bottiglia da ml.100
    • per ambienti da 10 a 20 mq 2 bottiglie da ml.100
    • per ambienti da 20 a 30 mq 1 bottiglia da ml.250
    • per ambienti da 30 a 50 mq 2 bottiglie da ml.250
    • per ambienti grandi oltre 50 mq 1 bottiglia da LT.2.5

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