Ricarica Profumo Ambiente Idea Toscana 250ml. Diffusore ambiente liquido con oli essenziali naturali

Refill for room diffusers OLIVE 250ml - Idea Toscana

Bastoncini in legno per diffusori 10 pz  - Idea Toscana

Wooden sticks for room fragrance - 10 pieces Idea Toscana

Miscela Oli Essenziali Naturali OLIVO - Idea Toscana

Scented Blend of Natural Essential Oils - OLIVE

Refill for room diffusers OLIVE 250ml - Idea Toscana

with Precious Mixture of Natural Essential Oils
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The refill bottles for room diffusers with Idea Toscana essential oils packaged in completely RECYCLED PET bottles allow us to choose the scent for a favorite room fragrance that better matches the style of our home.

Olfactory notes: the OLIVE refill room air freshener is characterized by fresh balsamic fragrances that are associated with a herbaceous and lively scent of rosemary and mint. Aromatic tones of thyme and lavender combined with the warm and tenacious personality of cinnamon, are giving this fragrance a unique, balsamic, fresh and at the same time spicy character. It will be like having Tuscany at home!

Atmosphere: The Olive fragrance creates a relaxing, intoxicating and meditative atmosphere; a perfect anti-stress.

The Idea Toscana’s OLIVE refill room air freshener is also recommended as a form of saving, in fact once the essence in the wonderful Idea Toscana glass bottle, an elegant and prestigious design object, is finished, you can simply buy the refill bottle to fill the glass without necessarily buying all the initial packaging.

The room diffusers release the perfume in a gradual way: once opened the bottle it is enough to pour it in the square bottle, insert the sticks and the game is done. Turning them periodically will help you to renew the fragrance in your rooms, and once you have finished the liquid in the bottle, you can always buy the refill bottle and renew your favorite olfactory decor.

Area: Sleeping area, Living room, Relaxation area, or in any area to combat stress

Content: 250 ml

More Information

More Information

CAN THE PERFUME INTENSITY BE ADJUSTED? You can adjust the intensity of the fragrance by turning all or some of the sticks provided, one or more times a day: turning them all and often, you will get a more intense fragrance

HOW MUCH FRAGRANCE LASTS? The duration of a fragrance depends on the size of the environment in which it is located, temperature, direct sunlight and air currents that can accelerate evaporation.

Follow these steps to make it last longer:

  • Upon purchase of the diffuser, it immediately combines a refill of the same fragrance to be used in small quantities, but more frequently. In this way you can keep the liquid level always high, avoiding that the quantity of oxygen in the bottle speeds up evaporation too much.
  • Place the fragrance as far away as possible from sources of heat and drafts.
  • Choose the bottle size most proportionate to the area you wish to perfume.

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