Idea Regalo: Burro & Scrub Labbra alla Rosa

Gift Idea: Rose Lip Balm & Scrub

Burro corpo

Melting Body Hands and Face Butter Prima Spremitura

Idea Regalo: Burro & Maschera labbra alla Rosa

Gift Idea: Rose Lip Balm & Mask

Gift Idea: Rose Lip Balm & Scrub

Estratti biologici di rosa
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Lip balm and Lip Balm Scrub packed in a wonderful organza bag to offer you a perfect teatment for your lips.

The Lip balm is perfect for taking care of your lips or to protect them from atmospheric agents. Rich in butters and vegetable oils and enriched with rose essential oils, it will give you a little time of daily well-being.

The Lip Balm Scrub, perfect for revitalizing, softening and lightening the lips and the lip contour from the first use. Try a new concept of scrub that combines, with the effective exfoliating action, the softness and the nourishment of a butter. Use it to gently remove the little dry skin for finally soft and silky lips like rose petals.

More Information

More Information

Lip Balm: Apply an appropriate amount of product to the lips, one or more times a day as needed.
Lip Balm Scrub: Apply and massage with circular motions until it’s fully absorbed. Remove residual granules with cold water and swab gently to wipe off your lips. Use the treatment not more than once a week. Do not use the product on very cracked lips or in the presence of small injuries. Wait at least 24 hours before any epilation and discoloration.

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