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15% OFF Gift card

Pensiero di natale

Lavette With Soap - Idea Toscana

Cofanetto Regalo Ecologico Idratante - Idea Toscana

Small gift box – natural cuddle kit

15% OFF Gift card

Gift coupons from 20, 30, 50, 100 €: to surely make a pleasant gift!
Do you want to make gifts of the products of the Idea Toscana lines but you don‘t perfectly know the "cosmetic tastes" of those you care about?
The gift card is the perfect gift.
You do not need to choose: you buy the gift card it will be who receives it to decide how and when to use it and to choose the preferred products from all the proposals on our site.
The gift card has a duration of one year from the purchase day.

How to buy a Gift Card?

1. Choose the value of the voucher or coupons to purchase (you can choose between 20,30, 50 or 100 €)
2. Who receives it?
* IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE IT: you will receive the voucher in PDF format at the email address you enter at the checkout, and you can give it personally to the receiver.
* IF YOU WANT TO SEND IT TO A FRIEND: select "send Gift Card to a friend" and enter his email address: he will receive it in PDF format directly to his email address.
3. Add the gift card to your cart and complete the purchase. REMEMBER: you will receive the voucher only after having made the payment.



How to use the Gift Card?

If you have received a Gift Card, it’s easy to use:
1. Select the products which you want to buy on our website
2. At the checkout, after selecting the payment method, select "Use the Gift Card for purchase"
3. Enter the code of your gift voucher in the area below
4. Click on "add gift card" and IT’S DONE!
REMEMBER! It is not mandatory to use all the voucher in a single purchase: You have one year from the date of its issue of the Gift Card and you can also check the remaining credit of your voucher in the Account area by selecting "check gift card" and inserting your card code

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