Idee regalo eco cofanetto Idea Toscana

Family Eco-box Idea Toscana

Eco cofanetto Pensiero - Idea Toscana Prima Spremitura

Small Eco box - Idea Toscana

Confezione regalo Sapone di Marsiglia - Idea Toscana

Marsiglia soap gift set - Idea Toscana

Family Eco-box Idea Toscana

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A Christmas Gift idea made to pamper and to amaze those who receive it, from the mum to the sister to the boyfriend who cares about his looks up to your friend who needs cuddles. A gift idea that is born with love for the environment that surrounds us and for the people who live it, with the purpose of making the skin more beautiful and healthy with the minimal impact on the Earth we live.

And from here comes the Eco bag made entirely of non-chemically processed cardboard with contains inside the excellent natural cosmetics from the Prima Spremitura Cosmetic line with Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil..

The original gift box contains:

  • Hand and Nail cream 30 g
  • Traditional Marsiglia Soap Prima Spremitura 30 g
  • Lip balm Prima Spremitura 5,5 ml
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