Cofanetto Regalo Ecologico Bagno - Idea Toscana

Eco Bath Gift Box - Idea Toscana

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Wellness Gift Box for Two - Idea Toscana

Cofanetto Regalo Ecologico Idratante - Idea Toscana

Moisturizing Eco Gift Box - Idea Toscana

Eco Bath Gift Box - Idea Toscana

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For Christmas if you want to surprise a special person but you lack of inspiration, here is a gift idea that is good for the environment.
This year Idea Toscana offers Christmas gift compositions for him and for her which are absolutely eco-friendly. An original gift full of well-being thanks to the products of the natural Prima Spremitura Cosmetic line with Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil laid on scented wood straw and packed in a natural cardboard case.

The eco bath gift box is a Christmas gift for men and women that not only respects the environment but it also sends a positive message to those who receive it.

  • Shampoo Prima Spremitura 50 ml
  • Shower Gel Prima Spremitura 50 ml
  • Body Lotion Prima Spremitura 35 ml
  • Traditional Marsiglia Soap Prima Spremitura 15g
  • Box made with eco-friendly paper 9,5x5x14 cm

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