Confezione regalo Sapone di Marsiglia - Idea Toscana

Marsiglia soap gift set - Idea Toscana

Hand Wish Box - Idea Toscana

Hand Wish Box - Idea Toscana

Cofanetto sapone Marsiglia naturali e bio. Idea regalo per la cura e l’igiene personale in modo naturale di idea Toscana

Hand cream gift box - Idea Toscana

Marsiglia soap gift set - Idea Toscana

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If you are looking for a small romantic gift, for men and women, a tender and original gift idea, this small round jewel box is the ideal solution. It’s covered with a soft suede, applied with 2 cork hearts that give the package a romantic and natural look.

To complete the small box, inside will be placed on scented straw our Traditional Marsiglia Soap Prima Spremitura with Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

A non-aggressive foam cleanses effectively but gently. The precious blend of natural Essential Oils gives a fresh and relaxing feeling of well-being.


  • 1 round box diameter: 9 cm
  • 1 Traditional Marsiglia soap Prima Spremitura 100 g


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