Cofanetto sapone Marsiglia naturali e bio. Idea regalo per la cura e l’igiene personale in modo naturale di idea Toscana

Hand cream gift box - Idea Toscana

Confezione regalo Sapone di Marsiglia - Idea Toscana

Marsiglia soap gift set - Idea Toscana

cofanetto beauty routine idea regalo per lui e per lei di Idea Toscana png

Beauty Routine box - Idea Toscana

Hand cream gift box - Idea Toscana

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Lovely gift idea, full of well-being and affection. An ideal little gift idea for your loved ones.

For this gift set we have created something really special: a cylindrical glass pot that can be closed with a cork stopper and inside the pot you can find on the scented straw the Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream Prima Spremitura enriched with Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vitamin E.

A natural hand cream of the highest quality that helps prevent the unpleasant phenomenon of skin dryness, keeping the skin of the hands soft and compact for a long time without leaving behind a greasy feeling.

A lovely heart in wood and cork, symbol of authentic affection, which will decorate the pot giving a definitely enchanting touch.

Gift box is composed of:

  • Glass pot with cork
  • 1 Nourishing Hand and Nail Cream Prima Spremitura 30 ml
  • 1 Heart-shaped pendant in wood and cork



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