Cofanetto Beauty Routine - Idea Toscana

Beauty Routine box - Idea Toscana

Cofanetto Regalo crema mani - Idea Toscana

Hand cream gift box - Idea Toscana

Cofanetto regalo Sapone di Marsiglia - Idea Toscana

Marsiglia soap gift box - Idea Toscana

Beauty Routine box - Idea Toscana

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Wellness and beauty need rituals. It’s from this phrase that a gift idea is born for him and her where Idea Toscana natural products are made available for a perfect beauty Routine.

We present you an elegant glass jar with cork closure, inside you can find a shower gel, a moisturizing body lotion, a shampoo and a natural hair conditioner in the practical travel size formats and 2 sachets of hand cream.

All the natural detergents and moisturizers inside the gift set are from the Prima Spremitura line, certified and of high quality with Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

A little heart made of wood and cork has been added to the packaging to give an appearance of authentic beauty.


  • 1 Shampoo Prima Spremitura 35 ml
  • 1 Shower gel Prima Spremitura 35 ml
  • 1 Body lotion Prima Spremitura 35 ml
  •  1 Restructuring hair conditioner Prima Spremitura 35 ml
  •  2 sachets Hand cream Prima Spremitura 2 ml
  •  1 Heart-shaped pendant in wood and cork

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