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COSMETICI UOMO E DONNAMany cosmetic brands sell different products for men and women. But are we sure the skin really changes so much depending on gender? Actually, no, because the needs remain almost the same but fragrances and textures change. Therefore, the woman starts to use the man's best face cream and they really start to share everything, even anti-ageing cream!

The trend is growing and cosmetic companies have started to produce unisex cosmetics, with fragrances suitable for both sexes. Especially organic products are widely used, as they have no artificial fragrances, but natural ones, and so they are suitable to the tastes of men and women. In addition, organic cosmetics are chosen because they are really good for the skin and the effects are not temporary!

If her effective anti-ageing cream can be easily used by him and vice versa, there are many female products that men can use in a different way from their original purposes.

Here are 4 double-use cosmetics for her and for him!

1. Micellar water...he will use it as aftershave!

Women who started using micellar water hardly come back.

You don't think so? Read the article "ORGANIC MICELLAR WATER, I want it!" and watch the will surprise you!

The micellar water is maybe one of the recently introduced cosmetics that has quickly become irreplaceable in the skin care of many women. We can easily understand why: its soothing, refreshing, toning and purifying properties make it incredibly practical and effective.

All of these properties, on the other hand, are very appreciated also in aftershave products, to soothe shaving irritations! Especially if you choose organic cosmetics, the only ones that can be safely used on irritated skin, even the boys will be able to use it with no worries.

2. The Melting Body Butter becomes a Foot Cream

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Another of the recently introduced cosmetics that can be used by both genders is the Melting Body Butter. If you do not know what it is, click on the link and read my article Body Butter: what it is and how to use it" .

It is very appreciated because, if produced with organic ingredients, it can be used not only on the body but also on the face!

Women love to make their skin velvety with it, while men use it a lot to soften the dry areas of hands and feet. In fact, one of its virtues is its high moisturizing and nourishing power which makes it perfect for the most arid areas of our body. Moreover, it does not grease the skin, this quality is highly appreciated by all but especially by men.

3. Who said hair products can be used only on the head?

Conditioner: often underrated, becomes essential to the man who cares for his beard.

Hair conditioner, in fact, can also be safely used to make the wildest beard more soft and silky!

No worries because there is no pH difference between the scalp and the face, otherwise, experts wouldn't recommend using it in this area. Due to the proximity to the mouth, however, it is recommended to use organic cosmetics, which do not create irritation in this delicate area.

4. Body lotion and tattoos...a perfect match!

Especially in the gym, we can see more and more men using body lotions and moisturizer and women are getting used to sharing it with their partner. These cosmetics, in fact, are becoming common for both genders. What if this cream also had another use?

Body lotion and moisturizer are essential for the health of the skin but if they are enriched with Extra virgin Olive Oil they also can be the perfect ally in revitalizing faded tattoos! The oil, in fact, allows to nourish and to make the skin more elastic so that the tattoo regains color and vividness.

So girls, are you looking for excuses to stockpile Micellar water, Conditioner, Butter and Body lotion? After this article you have many ideas!

It's great to share everything in a family...even cosmetics!

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