1. HAND CARE: simple but important tips

    hand care natural

    NEVER, as in this period, you wash your hands so frequently and to do so, in addition to water and soap, there are a lot of disinfectants to help us. The skin, however, using alcohol and disinfectants with sodium hypochlorite and / or substitutes, is greatly affected.

    Excessive dryness, redness, chapping and nail splitting are the first consequence already widely visible on the hands of all of us.

    We have already answered the question "How much and how to wash your hands" with a dedicated article, where we also recommend the use of the best natural soaps.


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  2. Ambient diffusers and perfumes: which to choose and how to use them

    room diffusers natural

    A great deal of research shows that odours can affect our mood and the environment in which we work and live. The perception of a fragrance acts immediately at the level of the nervous system, consequently activating a set of biochemical processes that can positively stimulate body and soul.

    This is why the choice with what we perfume our home or workplace influences our well-being. In a few seconds our nose determines whether a certain place makes us feel comfortable or not.

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  3. The most suitable shower gel for our skin. Selection Guide

    Bagnoschiuma natura

    The choice of the shower gel is important not only to make the skin clean but also soft, protected and well hydrated and to make this happen the shower gel must be chosen with care. It is important that the type of cleanser respects the type of your skin. If the epidermis is normal or mixed the choice will be different from those who have very dry or hypersensitive skin.

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  4. The best lip balms how to choose the right one for you

    The best lip balms how to choose the right one for you

    Whether you are a makeup lover or prefer a soap and water look, the application of a good lip balm should never be lacking in your beauty routine. In winter as well as in summer, protecting this delicate body part from the cold or the sun's rays is very important.

    Buying Guide: How to choose the best lip balm?




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  5. The holiday gift guide: precious ideas for finding the right gift

    gift ideas

    In the winter days before Christmas there is nothing better than a few afternoons relaxing on the couch to enjoy an episode of the favorite TV series! But if the gift fever has already infected you and you're afraid of ending up again this year in the traffic of 23 evening, with the counted minutes, the cold, with the pain in your feet and head without having any gift ideas for Christmas, don't worry! With Idea Toscana we make you smile again, in fact this year we recommend you to buy your Christmas gifts 2018 on our store where you can find gift ideas for him, her, the family and your loved ones with all the convenience of online shopping just clicking from your favorite sofa, with the shipment directly to your home.

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  6. What to give your girlfriend or wife for Christmas - gift ideas for her

    gift ideas

    Men, it's time for presents for your partner! Have you already thought about what to give your sweetheart? Do you know how much you want to spend? Or are you in a total panic and have no idea where to start?

    Don't be alarmed.

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  7. I had oily hair and shorlty after I washed it looked dirty and greasy!

    greasy hair

    I had greasy hair and after a while I washed it looked dirty and greasy!I was forced to wash it every day, but I found out that... The only way that hair has to protect itself from external environmental agents, stress and many other factors is to PRODUCE SEBUM!

    Sebum is a fat naturally produced by our body that has the function of protecting the scalp and hair, but is also responsible for the "greasy" effect when it is produced in abundance.

    So how do we slow down and regulate this production?!

    I will explain you how to solve the very common problem starting from a natural principle, another time nature reveals itself to be our friend...

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  8. How to Surprise Your Mom for Her Holiday

    How to Surprise Your Mom for Her Holiday

    Mother's Day is approaching and it is a great occasion to celebrate the most special woman ever.

    As every year, the second Sunday of May is Mother's Day. For this 2020, therefore, we will celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday, May 10th.

    Often our commitments and the unforeseen events that life puts in front of us prevent us from constantly manifesting all the affection, admiration and gratitude we feel for our mother, and so this occasion is a good opportunity to remind her that we appreciate and will always appreciate what she does for us.

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  9. Better avoid unpleasant surprises! Take care of your hair and use the right shampoo

    Better avoid unpleasant surprises! Take care of your hair and use the right shampoo

    Knowing your hair type is essential to choose the right products, care for them and find solutions to all your problems.

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  10. How to treat your hair: tips for perfect hair!

    perfect hair

    After a summer spent between the sea and the swimming pools, the hair, exposed to the sun, chlorine and salt, can be dull and damaged; but also the air conditioning and the wind contribute to dehydration and dryness of the hair.

    If the wild look has made you forget about brushes, hair dryers and straighteners, when you return to the city you need to make your hair look healthy and shiny again.

    Beyond the various DIY remedies, the duty of companies operating in the cosmetics sector is to create fast and targeted treatments with effective natural or organic products.

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