1. How To Choose The Home Frangrance For Your Home

    Home fragrances diffusers with sticks and natural essential oils gift ideas for the home

    Are you looking for the right atmophere in your house?
    Sometimes it is enough a small gesture to ennoble the everyday spaces. The simple “home fragrance”, which becomes a memory of wellness in the most difficult moment of the day, can be really something that makes the difference to make your house a place of relax and shelter. Clearly, the essence that arouses positive emotions at the mere scent, is not easy to find. As a matter of fact it is important to understand what we are researching to define, in an olfactory way, our domestic space and make sure that the good “home fragrance” express also some aspects of your personality.

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  2. Things to do to maintain the tan for longer

    donne al mare abbronzatura perfetta

    Natural remedies and tricks for an healthy suntan.

    Summer is the most relaxing period for the body and the mind, thanks to the various activities we can do outdoor and to the days which are getting longer where wellness and relax come along. Also the sun is a good friend, to get some skin color after the grey winter. Obviously, it is necessary to have the right cautions to avoid sunspots and cracks due to an extended exposure to the sun, in order to your tan, got after a day at the seaside or in the mountains, to last in the following months.

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  3. How to protect the hair from the sun in the summer

    Woman at the sea, beautiful hair blowing in the wind with Prima Spremitura restructuring conditioner

    Choose the perfect product to improve the health of your hair in a natural way

    The skincare is always important but it is necessary to to take more precautions in the sun. However also the hair needs to get attention and cure, especially during the seaside holidays.

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  4. What to do to cleanse the skin of the face

    Idea Toscana organic and natural face cosmetics set

    Purifying the skin of the face means eliminating impurities from the face caused by external agents that accumulate daily on the surface of our skin.

    But why is it important to keep a clean face?

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  5. Come fare la beauty routine viso Idea Toscana serale

    beauty routine serale per il viso
    Una beauty routine viso effettuata nel modo giusto serve a mantenere la pelle pulita e idratata nel modo più naturale possibile sia al mattino che prima di andare a dormire. Vediamo ora gli step da seguire per creare una beauty routine serale. Questi passaggi sono fondamentali per eliminare i residui di sporco che si sono accumulati sul viso durante il giorno.
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  6. Come fare la beauty routine viso Idea Toscana al mattino

    Beauty routine viso cosmetici biologici Idea Toscana

    SOS Skincare! Hai paura di non riuscire ad avere il tempo di effettuare una beauty routine viso efficace? Il segreto non è la quantità, ma la qualità!

    Devi sapere che non importa utilizzare tanti prodotti diversi: rischi solo di creare mascheroni e non far respirare la tua pelle. Questo è proprio il risultato di una beauty routine scorretta: una pelle irritata che non migliora e non respira a causa dell’utilizzo di prodotti sbagliati.

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  7. What is the hair conditioner used for and when is it used?

    Natural Conditioner with Organic "Toscano PGI" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Using the hair conditioner correctly on your hair allows you to make it stronger and brighter if applied regularly. However, many do not know what the hair conditioner really is and how to use it correctly.

    What is the hair conditioner?

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  8. How to recognize the best natural shampoo

    Best Natural Normalizing Shampoo with Organic "Toscano PGI" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    By now we all know what shampoo is, but probably no one knows the meaning of this word.
    The term comes to English from Hindi with the meaning of "massage": this says a lot about how shampoo should be used nowadays.

    In fact, this term explains very well the execution of the movement that should be carried out during the use of the product, and it’s for this reason that in the best hairdressing salons a circular massage is carried out during the washing, precisely to promote greater penetration of the product between the hair up to the scalp.

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  9. What is the best body cream

    Best INCI natural body cream

    The body cream is an indispensable product, so you need the best and you are constantly looking for the one that has the most satisfying characteristics. If, on the other hand, you are satisfied with a commercial cream, you probably do not know all the main functions that a body cream must have. But what is really the best body cream?

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  10. What body oil is used for and what body butter is used for

    Woman in bath with body oil Tuscan idea

    You still can't answer this question or you've never really asked yourself: what are body oil and body butter for?

    The reason you can't give yourself an answer is because you've probably always used the cream and you've never really known these two products.

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